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Best SPRING BLOSSOM Event to Farm Money and Decorations in Monster Hunter World (Looting Event)

A great quest to farm money and decorations is coming back during the Spring Blossom Fest in Monster Hunter World. The quest called Triple Threat Throwdown has increased decoration rewards and the three slow targets make for a perfect money farming quest as well.

To make the most out of the event quest, increase you quest rewards with the legiana favor that you get from equipping two legiana armor pieces.

Next up go to the canteen and eat the lucky liquor platter. The lucky cat skill will increase the rewards at the end of a quest. Make sure to use a voucher or fresh ingredients to activate the skill.

Lastly bring your bandit mantle and 3 of your friends with mantles as well if you can and deal as much damage as possible while wearing the bandit mantle.

The monster will drop valuable scales that you can sell back in Astera.



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