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TOP 5 Overlooked Environment Traps/Secrets in Monster Hunter World (Boulder, Lava, Wind,…)

Here are 5 of the most overlooked Environmental traps and secrets in Monster Hunter World. Some of these traps are marked on the map and some are not, but all give you a big advantage when you fight elder dragons or other monsters.


1 Boulder Teeth in Vaal Hazak Fight (00:03)

In Zone 14 of the Rotten Vale you will most likely fight the last third of your Vaal Hazak quests. This is where the elder dragon is most aggressive and you and your team might only have 1 or 2 faints left. Carving out some advantage in this stage of the fight is very important and luckily you can find 2 boulders hanging over this area. Use the stone piles in zone 14 as ammo and shoot the boulders when Vaal Hazak is underneath one. If hit, Vaal Hazak will take massive damage and lie on the floor for a few seconds.

2 Secret Wind Tunnel Leading to Zone 15 (00:55)

If you ever fought Legiana in the Coral Highlands and had to climb up to his nest multiple times, you will appreciate this neat little trick. Just next to the camp in zone 12 is a vertical wind tunnel that takes you directly to zon 15 in a couple seconds. All you need is the gliding mantle and you can avoid this climb once and for all.

3 Lava Spout (01:36)

The Elder’s Recess has one very unique environment “trap” in zone 7. A lava spout in this area erupts from time to time and will create a lava wall damaging and blocking everything that wants to pass it. Keep and eye on it and lure the monster near it once the lava spout starts to rumble and bubble lava. Shortly after these signs it will go off for a couple of seconds and deal a good amount of damage to everything near it.

4 Boulders in the Elder’s Recess (02:15)

Zone 8 in the Elder’s Recess is a meeting point for all kinds of monster quests and investigations. Since you will fight a lot here it is important to use the two boulders on the ceiling for free damage everytime. Use the stones in the area to trigger the boulders and stun monsters and dig into their health bar while they are down.

5 Xeno’jiiva (03:00)

This special elder dragon arena in the Elder’s Recess is the home of Xeno’jiiva and part of a long fight. To shorten this fight a bit, the first area of this fight has four boulders hanging from the walls. Like before you can trigger all of them with a single stone shot, but you need to lure Xeno’jiiva carefully there, since the boulders are all on the edge of the map.




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