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Super RARE Canteen Ingredients | Monster Hunter World (Hidden Ingredient Locations)

Finding the 10 hidden ingredients during Flourishing and Upsurge in Monster Hunter World will unlock new canteen skills. These rare canteen ingredients are part of recipes that give you more food skills, the more complete your food collection is. If you have all 6 ingredients for a recipe for example, you have the chance to activate 3 food skills with the meal.

The following ingredients are super rare canteen items that can only be found during special conditions in specific locations. The world map will give you the “locale info” status, that helps you figure out which area has your hidden ingredients at the moment. If you are missing the Dragonbloom Cactus for example, the locale info has to say “Flourishing: Cacti” for it to show up.

Here are the 10 Rare Canteen Ingredients.

ANCIENT FOREST / Rare Mushrooms and Rare Flowers

1 (Flourishing: Mushrooms) Moonlight Mushroom 00:34
2 (Flourishing: Flower Beds) Sunkissed Grass 01:28

WILDSPIRE WASTE / Rare Cactus and Rare Fruit

3 (Flourishing: Cacti) Dragonbloom 02:22
4 (Flourishing: Fruit) Divineapple 03:22

ROTTEN VALE / Rare Fruit and Rare Fossil

5 (Upsurge: Crimson Fruit) Heavenberry 04:07
6 (Upsurge: Ancient Fossil) Wicked Fossil 04:59

CORAL HIGHLANDS / Rare Conch Shell and Rare Oyster

7 (Upsurge: Conch Shell) Violet Abalone 05:45
8 (Upsurge: Pearl Oysters) Platinum Pearl 06:54

ELDER’S RECESS / Rare Amber and Rare Beryl

9 (Upsurge: Amber Deposits) Twilight Stone 07:58
10 (Upsurge: Beryl Deposits) Noahstone 08:58

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