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All Quests for the AFFINITY BOOSTER (Step-by-Step) | Monster Hunter World (How to get Affinity Booster)

Here’s how you get the Affinity Booster in Monster Hunter World. The Affinity Booster requires 6 quests to be completed before you can collect it. The Booster is used to raise your affinity by 50% and activates when you step into the red cloud.

All 6 Quests for the Affinity Booster come from npc’s in the Research Base and need to be completed in this order.

6 Star Quest: A Tingling Tase
From: Third Fleet Master

Delivery Quest: A Master’s Toast
From: Third Fleet Provisions

6 Star Quest: Stuck in Their Ways
From: Shy Schoolar

Delivery Quest: A Fire-Spewing Brew
From: Cheerful Scholar

7 Star Quest: A Sore Site
From: Airship Engineer

7 Star Quest: RRRRRumble in the Waste!
From: Third Fleet Master

After you complete all these quests the Third Fleet Master will reward you with the Affinity Booster.




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