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How to Unlock TULIP in Far Cry 5 (Friendly Skies + Eco Warriors “Mission Bug” solved)

To unlock the attack helicopter tulip you need to complete the missions “Friendly Skies” and “Eco Warriors” which can be bugged sometimes.


Start this quest line by talking to Adelaide Drubman at the Drubman marina. She will task you to take out 3 pilots that are spread across the general area. Simply follow the markers and take you the pilots. Some of them are in helicopter and can land in different locations depending on your actions.

Now return to Adelaide and defend the area from the incoming attack to complete the mission “Friendly Skies”. Adelaide and her attack helicopter Tulip can now be called in as back-up.


To use the helicopter for yourself and unlock it in the shop, stay at Drubman Marina and talk to Xander who will tell you about a bliss problem and offer you the quest “Eco-Warriors

Follow his leads and go to the gas station nearby to hack a laptop. Defend the area for 90 seconds and you can move on to the last quest step.

Track down the bliss container by following the boats and destroy all 20 of them

KNOWN MISSION BUG: This mission is known to be buggy and it can happen that you can’t finish it even though you destroyed all 20 bliss containers. In this case leave the mission, and complete another instead. This usually resets the “Eco-Warriors” missions to a working state and you can finish it by destroying the 20 bliss containers again.

After this is done, you complete “Eco-Warriors” and unlock Tulip in the helicopter shop.

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