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How to Unlock BEAR “Cheesburger” in Far Cry 5 (Fangs for Hire / Recruiting Bear)

Recruiting Cheesburger the Bear in Far Cry 5 can be done early on in the game. Before you can unlock the bear, you only need to complete Dutch’s Island which introduces the game.

After that you can head over to the F.A.N.G center at any point and unlock cheeseburger the bear. Liberate the F.A.N.G center and collect the mission called “A Right to Bear Arms”. Travel to the fishing spot north that is now marked on the map and catch a salmon for cheeseburger.

The last part of cheeseburgers mission brings you some traintracks where you can find the bear lying next to the water. Give him the salmon and fight your way out of the camp with cheeseburger.

After that you can choose cheeseburger the bear in the menu from the Fangs for Hire tab.

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