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How to get ??? Blue Research Commission Ticket | Monster Hunter World (Handicraft 3 Materials)

The Research Commission Ticket in Monster Hunter World is a reward for completing the optional quest “The White Winds of the New World“. Research Cmmission Tickets are used to craft Handicraft 3, the Commission armor set and a couple of rare charms.

In order to get this quest, you need to complete every single optional quest in the game (1 Star – 8 Star Quests). Many optional quests only unlock under certain conditions, like capturing monsters, talking to npc’s or reaching a certain Hunter Rank.

To get the quest “The White Winds of the New World” early and start earning Research Commission Tickets you can simply look for players who have already unlocked this quest. Go to the quest board and search for specific SOS Flares. You can usually find it with the search criteria “Quest Type: Optional Quest” and “Target: Legiana”.

This optional 9 Star Arena quest puts you up against 4 monsters. They spawn one after the other in the following order, Legiana, Odogaron, Diablos and Rathalos. Once you finish the quest “The White Winds of the New World” you will be rewarded with a Research Commission Ticket. Repeat this quest to unlock more tickets and craft your new special gear.




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