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“Double Barrel Roll” and “360 Flatspin” | Burnout Paradise Remastered (Super Trick Jumps)

aTo land both the Double Barrel Roll and the 360 Flatspin, look for super jumps in Burnout Paradise. A good spot for both jumps is the winding road just north of the stunt run called “Express Yourself”.

For the Double Barrel Roll, hit the ramp on the left side on the jellow marked spot. While you Barrel Roll in the Air, keep holding (X/Square) so you can keep barreling after roll 1.

To do the 360 Flatspin, take the same ramp use your e-brake just before you hit the jump. While you’re in the air keep the X/Square button pressed to keep spinning.

Daredevil (Achievement / Trophy)
Landed a 2 barrel roll jump

Spinnin’ Around (Achievement / Trophy)
Perform a 360 Flatspin in any car

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