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How to defeat KIRIN SOLO (lvl 49 Strategy) | Monster Hunter World (Loadout + Armor Strategy)

Once you hit lvl 49 in Monster Hunter World, you will have to hunt Kirin (lvl 49 version) in the coral Highlands. The quest is called “Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands“. It is a challenging task to bring Kirin down, be it solo or with a team. Kirin’s thunder attacks are instant kills if you don’t tune your armor accordingly and most melee weapon won’t help much because you take constant damage.

This is one of the first fight that really requires you to pick all your equipment carefully if you want to slay Kirin.

Here are some recommendations that worked well for me. There are many different approaches that will work though.


Use a Light Bowgun and choose one with slicing ammo. This is the most effective ammo and can really stun Kirin. Also make sure you pick a bowgun with a slicing capacity of 2, this will make it so much easier to deal a huge amount of damage in a short time. The RATHBUSTER from the Rathalos tree or the HAZAK EREIPIA from the Vaal Hazak tree are perfect from bringing down Kiring lvl 49.


I sue 3 reload assist mods on my bowgun, which speed up your reload speed a lot and also allows you to reload while running. This worked well for me but you can definitely experiment around here with attack mods mixed in.


This will be just a general recommendation since there are tons of armor sets that work well. Also, the weapon loadout will be the most important puzzle piece and armor will come down to player preference. So here we go.

Generally you want to sort your armors by thunder resistance and look for the best ones you can craft. Ignot, Barroth or Xeno’jiiva armor sets have high thunder resistance and are just a few armor set you could use. Look at your general stats and make sure your thunder defense is the highest number. If you see other stats high up there you might want to change up some armor pieces since you only need thunder defense in the Kirin 49 quest.


Aside from attack and defense decorations that you want to apply as much as you can, make sure you include the Fortitude decoration. It will give you a slight advantage every time you faint. Upping your Attack by 10% and your Defense by 15% each time you go down.


If you don’t already have your thunder skill maxed out, use a thunder charm here. Otherwise go for defense or attack.


Don’t forget to take a meal (elemental resistance L) before the fight to further increase your thunder defense. Lastly check if you have the max amount of ammo in your inventory. 30x slicing ammo + 30x slashberry


The main fight should be taken very slowly and carefully, even with the ability to stun Kirin more often with the right Light Bowgun. Always keep a healthy distance and spam Kirin with Slicing ammo as often as you can. No matter how much you damage him though, he will unleash thunder all over the place, so be extra aware of your surrounding when you zoom in and spam your bowgun.

Kirin will chance locations multiple times and might go rest on top of the map. In that case bring explosive barrels and plant explosive ammo (B/Circle), the shoot it to deal free extra damage.

If you run out of slicing ammo run back to the camp and restock. Take the fight slowly and carefully and it will get a lot easier. It’s still a long and challenging task to slay Kirin lvl 49, but if you follow some basics you will have the upper hand.




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