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Best Spot To Farm UNLIMITED MONEY in Far Cry 5 (Money Farming Glitch / Best Animal Skins)

This Money farming glitch in Far Cry 5 and gives you potentially unlimited money if you bring a bit of time. Before you start to farm money, make sure you have the Perks “Harvest Master” and “Jorney Pack” unlocked. This will allow you to carry 10 skins of each animal and doubles the skins you get.

Next up equip the bow and bring Jess with you to hunt.

The money farming spot is located in the west at the Taft Lookout Tower. Next to the tower is a hill that respawns Bisons constantly. Hunt them with your bow to get +4 bison skin and +2 bait. Keep hunting bisons and throw bait to attract bears, cougars and other animals.

As of now these bisons respawn almost instantly and offer you bait to fill up your backpack. Once you are done, simply fast travel to a shop and sell all your animal skins and repeat.


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