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ALIEN SAMPLES in “Close Encounters” Far Cry 5 (Larry’s Alien Quest / Finding 4 Alien Samples)

“Close Encounters” side quest / Finding all Alien Samples in Far Cry 5. The alien questline can be found in the center of Johns region at Larry’s farm. Talk to him and he will give you a few quests towards his machine.

One quest is called “Close Encounters” and you have to find 4 alien samples for Larry. The general area is marked on the map and is located around a giant crop circle sign next to some silos.

The first alien sample can be found next to some turkeys in the field. Continue towards some silos and climb the tallest one to find alien sample number two. The next one is by some dead cows in the field. For the last one you have to find a dog in the field that has the alien sample in his mouth. Chase him for a bit an he will drop the sample. Return to Larry for the next Step.

Check this video guide for the whole quest and the mission reward.

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