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Weapon SHARPNESS WHITE How to Upgrade | Monster Hunter: World (How to get highest sharpness)

To get the highest sharpness white in Monster Hunter World you have to first find weapons that can be upgraded to white sharpness. Since this is the best sharpness (For now) in the game, only a select few weapons can be sharpened this high.

By increasing your sharpness to white, you increase the raw weapon damage and elemental damage.

First, get yourself some armor with the skill handicraft. This allows your equipped weapons to gain weapon sharpness. The handicraft skill increases by having either more armor with this skill or buy crafting and upgrading the handicraft charm.

Once you have at least lvl 1-2 handicraft, go to the weapon upgrade tab and look for the ability to upgrade sharpness to white. You can see this in the top right corner. Only a few lvl 7-8 melee weapons can go into sharpness white.

The benefits are well worth it and once you get your handicraft skill up to lvl 3-5 you usually don’t have to worry about re-sharpening your white bar all the time.



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