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Palico GADGET “Shieldspire” Location | Monster Hunter: World (Secret Palico Gadgets)

The Shieldspire Gadget for your Palico in Monster Hunter: World can be collected in the Wildspire Waste. The shieldspire is very useful in critical situations where you need a distraction.

To get the shieldspire go to Zone 8 in the Wildspire Waste and drop down into a cave in the north. Inside you can find a small crawl space to your right that starts a cutscene with the Protectors. They are missing three of their own that you need to bring back in this secret quest.

Check your map to find the three missing protectors and catch them with your capture net. Make sure you approach them crouched or with the invisibility mantle on.

After you got all three, return to the cave and collect your shielspire gadget. You can equipe it by visiting your room or a tent and changing Palico’s equipment to the shielspire.

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