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Palico GADGET “Plunderblade” Location | Monster Hunter: World (Secret Palico Gadgets)

The Plunderblade Gadget for your Palico in Monster Hunter: World can be collected in the Rotten Vale. The Plunderblade can allows your Palico to steal items from monsters when attacking them.

Before you can get the Plunderblade Gadget, make sure you have raw meat with you.

Go to Zone 13 and wait here until the Odogaron brings a Legiana into his nest. This will trigger a Grimalkyne to spawn. It will dig through the nest and disappear once you go near.

Now follow the waypoint to Zone 15 where the Grimalkyne hides. Drop your raw meat and hide to make it come out. Once the plunderers arrive it’s clear to go up and collect your reward.

You can activate the Plunderblade gadget by changing the equipment of your Palico in your room or the tent.

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