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Palico GADGET “Meowlotov Cocktail” Location | Monster Hunter: World (Molotov Cocktail Gadget)

The Meowlotov Cocktail is a secret Palico Gadget in Monster Hunter World. It is the last Gadget you get in the game and requires you to own all 5 previous gadget (The first unlocks automatically).

How to get the “Meowlotov Cotcktail” Gadget:

After collecting all 5 previous gadgets, go to Astera and get the Gajalaka tracks quest from the Lynian Researcher. These Gajalaka tracks can always be found near the researcher in the open world. Check the world map and find him as a green dot on the map.

Once you return to him with the completed quest, you will need to progress in the main story until you unlock the Elder’s Recess map. That’s when the Lynian Researcher will give you the next step.

Travel to the Elder’s Recess with your invisibility mantle and find the researcher again there. Wait until night and follow his tip to go stealthy through the camp. Crawl through the whole at the end next to the fire and you unlock the Meowlotov Cocktail Gadget for Palico.



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