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Major Buff to your Base ATTACK + DEFENSE | Monster Hunter World (Attacktalon & Armortalon)

There is a trick in Astera that lets you boost your attack power and defense power permanently, even with your best weapons and armor pieces. To get these major buffs in Monster Hunter World, you have to save a bit of money first and buy the Attackcharm and Armorcharm from the vendor in Astera. As long as you keep these 2 charms in your inventory your atack and defense stats will be buffed.

The second step to upgrade your power is to craft an Attacktalon and Armortalon out of these 2 charms. You will need to slay a Bazelgeuse and collect some Bazelgeuse Talons from it to do that. Once you turned the charmes into talons, you will see another rise in Attack and Defense power.

The last step to further buff your attack and defense is to simply buy both charms at the vendor again which stack on top of the boost you get from the talons. As long as you have these 4 items in your inventory you will have these major buffs to your attack and defense.



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