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How to get “Flashfly Cage” Gadget for Palico | Monster Hunter: World (Palico Gadget Location)

The Flashfly Cage for Palico is a special gadget you can unlock in Monster Hunter: World. By using the Flashfly Cage, your Palico will build flash traps that you can activate to blind all nearby enemies temporarily.

To unlock the Flashfly Cage you need to climb to the very top of the Ancient Forest and visit the camp of the Bugtrappers. The camp is located in zone 17. You will cross paths with a bugtrapper wo will bring you right to their camp.

Once you’re up there the new gadget for Palico unlocks. To activate it, travel back to your room in Astera and change your Palico’s Equipment in his corner. Simply select the Flashfly Cage as your new equipment and Palico will use it from now on.

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