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How to get DRAGONKING EYEPATCH | Monster Hunter World (High Commendation,…)

To unlock the powerful Dragonking Eyepatch in Monster Hunter World, you need to find Immortal Dragonscales, High Commendations and Dragonvein Crystals. The Dragonking Eyepatch comes with level 2 “Weakness Exploit“, which gives you 30% Affinity. Here are all 3 material locations to craft the Eyepatch.

How to find Dragonvein Crystals

These crystals can be found at red mining outcrops in the Elder’s Recess.

How to find High Commendations

To get High Commendations you need to defeat elder dragons like Teostra. You will get some High Commendations just by following the story. After completing the story you can either search for players online and repeat story quests or start/join investigations. All these activities give you High Commendations.

How to find Immortal Dragonscales

This rare scale is a drop from Nergigante in the main story. Just like the High Commendations you can farm the Immortal Dragonscales by repeating the story quest for him online or completing investigations.




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