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Finding ELDER DRAGON Tracks in Rotten Vale | Monster Hunter World (Vaal Hazak Track Locations)

Near the end of Monster Hunter World, you will have to go to the Rotten Vale and find Elder Dragon Tracks for Vaal Hazak. These track locations can be found in a few different locations and have 3 spawn variations. Each time you load into the Rotten Vale you get 1 of these 3 variations, but they are all near the path shown in the video.

Load camp 11 in the Rotten Vale and drop down 2 floors to your right. You can instantly find elder dragon tracks here. Follow the way to your right and check for the following possible spots from the video. After that end the expedition and restart from Astera.

By starting the expedition in the Rotten Vale again, the elder dragon tracks will reset and you can quickly farm them again.

After reporting your progress in Astera you can fight Vaal Hazak in the Elder’s Recess.



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