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Finding ELDER DRAGON Tracks in Ancient Forest | Monster Hunter World (Kushala Daora Track Locations)

Near the end of Monster Hunter World, you will have to go to the Ancient forest and find Elder Dragon Tracks. These track locations can be found in a few different locations and have 3 spawn variations. Each time you load into the Ancient Forest you get 1 of these 3 variations, but they are all in very similar.

Zone 11 is a perfect spot in the ancient forest to quickly find all the Elder Dragon tracks you need for your research. Spawn into the Zone 11 Camp, jump down and look around in the open area to your right. If you are lucky, you will find 2 elder dragon tracks here. Follow the way south where you can instantly pick up another 2 tracks.

Now end the expedition and return to Astera. By starting the expedition in the ancient forest again, the elder dragon tracks will reset and you can quickly farm them again.

After reporting your progress in Astera you can fight Kushala Daora in the Elder’s Recess.




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