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How to find SINISTER CLOTH for Death Stench Armor Set | Monster Hunter: World (Secret Outfits/Armors)

The Death Stench Armor Set in Monster Hunter World requires multiple pieces of Sinister Cloth. This rare material can’t be found by carving or gathering in quests. The only way to get Sinister Cloth is by sending Palico’s out on Tailraider Safaris. This option will unlock automatically during the story and can be started at your housekeeper.

You can pick different paths for your tailraiders that have different targets and difficulty. Make sure your tailraider skills are high enough for the task. Sinister Cloth is a random drop from 4 Star or 5 Star missions. Simply start a tailraider mission and go on with your usual quests until you get a message in Astera saying that your tailraider safari has returned. If you’re lucky you get one or more Sinister Cloth from the Safari. If not, you can start the next safari.




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