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How to find ??? RATHIAN Tracks | Monster Hunter: World (Easy Rathian Track Locations)

Finding ??? Rathian Track locations is part of the main story in Monster Hunter: World. These ??? Rathian Tracks can be found in the High Rank maps and have a few different spawns. Before you start, check in with Smithy in Astera and craft a Scholar helmet if you can. This will increase your progress with research points.

The Tracks shown in the video are in the Rotten Vale and have 3 spawn variations. This means, that every time you start an expedition in the Rotten Vale, the ??? Tracks can spawn in 3 different patterns around the map.

The general area around Zone 1 will stay the same though. So if you follow the path from the video make sure to keep your eyes open for slightly different ??? Rathian track locations.

Once you reached the end of the circle, end the expedition, collect your ??? Rathian research points and start again.

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