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How to FIND LUMP OF MEAT Location | Monster Hunter: World (The Meat of the Matter Chef Quest)

Finding Lumps of Meat is part of a chef quest in the Rotten Vale. The Quest is called “The Meat of the Matter” and is given to you by Meowscular Chef in Astera. It is available after you reach HR 8 and gives you new canteen ingredients.

This chef quest sends you to the Rotten Vale for 2 Lumps of Meat. The meat can be looted from a dead monster in zone 13. Once you pick it up your character will lose the ability to fight and move a lot slower. The lump of meat has to be delivered to your camp now without being dropped. Make sure you avoid being attacked and use your stamina to run past monsters. Back at the camp, place the lumps of meat into your supply box. Complete it a second time to complete the quest and collect your new ingredients.




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