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How to find KIRIN Elder Dragon Tracks in Coral Highlands | Monster Hunter World

Once you unlock high rank, you can find Kirin Elder Dragon Tracks in the Coral Highlands. Kirin is one of several elder dragons and can be quite a hard nut to crack with its storm power.

To find the Kirin tracks you require to fight him, travel to camp 12 in the Coral Highlands and search zone 10 for up to 3 tracks. Pick them up and return to Astera to reset all tracks. Return back to camp 12 in the Coral Highlands and you can pick the Kirin tracks up again for quick progress. Repeat this about 3-4 times and you will see the Impatient Biologist in Astera has now an exclamation mark on him.

This means you unlocked his quest to hun the elder dragon Kirin on High Rank. Accept the quest and go back to the Coral Highlands. You can find Kirin usually around zone 8 and his resting spot zone 15.



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