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Fastest way to TRAVEL & CLIMB in Monster Hunter World (Beetle Wedges + Grappling Hook)

By using the grappling hook and beetle wedges you can speed up travel and climbing in Monster Hunter World. The Coral Highlands is a very vertical map and it can take forever to chase flying monsters. Luckily the game is well aware of that and helps you out in the form of beetles that are placed next to walls that you can grapple. These beetles are easily spotted by their red glow always sit next to specific walls for you to use.

Hold LT/L2 next to the wall and press B/Circle to use the beetle. This can save you a lot of time traveling and is very easy to miss. Especially in situations where a monster is wounded and you need to have a leg up while climbing, the grapple beatles are a life saver.

Another way you can use to your advantage is the grappling a wall by tapping A/X. This will use the grappling hook over and over on the wall and will save you a 1-2 seconds on each wall. The downside to this grappling method is the stamina consumption. Your stamina will usually be empty once you climbed the wall, but it is a good option if you need to catch a monster and need to be faster on one wall.



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