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Easy way to farm Threat Level 1-3 TEMPERED INVESTIGATIONS | Monster Hunter World

Finding Tempered Investigations is your main endgame in Monster Hunter World. While Tempered Elder Dragon tracks (Threat Level 3) can only be found after reaching HR 50. Threat Level 1 and 2 Tempered investigations can be accessed at HR 13 and 30.

By picking up tempered tracks, marked by the blue scoutflies, you get a chance of receiving a random tempered investigation. The found tracks do not have an impact on the investigation you can get. For example, tempered Rathian tracks can end up in a tempered Tobi-Kadachi investigation.

Before you start your track gathering run, make sure you equip a few armor pieces that will speed up your progress and make it easier for you to find the actual tracks.


Hunter’s Headgear α

Scoutfly Range Up (Expands Scoutflies’ detection range)
Scholar (Speed up investigation progress)

Hunter’s Coil α

Master Gatherer (Faster track gathering)

Hunter’s Greaves β

Scenthound (Increases Scoutflies’ gauge fill rate)

Where to farm Tempered Investigation (Threat lvl 1-3)

The best spot for these investigations is at the Wildspire Waste. This place is filled with tempered monster tracks and if you follow the route from the video you can pick up 2-3 tempered investigations in about 5 minutes. Start at camp 1 and make your way all the way down to Diablos’ nest. From here you can return to Astera and check your newly added tempered investigations. The tracks instantly respawn once you leave the Wildspire Waste so you can instantly return to farm again.





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