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THUNDERBUG Locations for Shock Traps | Monster Hunter: World (How to find Thunderbugs)

Thunderbugs are a very important in Monster Hunter: World. Combined with Trap Tools you can craft Shock Traps that can capture Big Monsters. To craft 1 Shock Trap you need exactly 1 Thunderbug and 1 Trap Tool.

Trap Tools can be bought at any time at the vendor but Thunderbugs are a bit harder to come buy. They will be displayed on the map if you found some but at first you need to find a location to collect them.

The Ancient Forest has a spot up in the trees where you can find 3 Thunderbugs next to each other, it is up in the trees in section 6. The good thing is that you can collect them each time you do a quest in the Ancient Forest or when they respawn after a while.

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