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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition | Compact Review | A Complete Arcade Package


Platforms: Playstation 4, PC
Developer: Capcom, Dimps
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Beat ’em up
Release: January 16th, 2018

Review copy provided by Capcom (Playstation 4)

When Street Fighter V launched back in 2016, it left much to be desired, especially for casual players. While delivering a solid foundation, the absence of more customization, options and game modes was felt very much. Originally intended as a “Street Fighter for everyone” Capcom might just fulfill its promise 2 years later with the addition of the massive Arcade Edition update.

The most significant addition comes in form of the titular Arcade Mode. It is a nostalgic trip through previous Street Fighter games staying true to a particular games generation of fighters. So, while you fight your way through Street Fighter 1-5, you can only play as the characters that were available at that time. Each of the 6 Arcade game generations can be played with multiple available characters, giving you different endings with each one. Including the challenging bonus objectives you can unlock more than 200 endings and artworks. Although these ending only mean one comic book page each, it is a nice incentive to come back to complete the collection.

Secret boss fights and classic bonus rounds all contribute to a very satisfying Arcade experience.

Another change comes in form of a second V-Trigger move for each character. Most of them are very different and change-up the way you play in critical moments. By choosing between V-Trigger one or two before a match you now decide between a parry or offensive move.

Other new game modes include Team Battle and Extra Battle. The former lets you customize a small tournament for up to five players. Extra Battle on the other hand is a time limited challenge mode that you have to pay in-game currency for to enter. This tough game mode rewards you with unique items and in-game cash

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