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Monster Hunter: World | Special PALICO WATCHER Outfit from “Horizon Zero Dawn”

For a limited time, Monster Hunter World offers a special Horizon Zero Dawn outfit for your Palico. It turn your pal into a watcher robot from Horizon Zero Dawn including the watcher grinder melee weapon.

To get it, you need to progress through the game until you reached HR 6 or higher and pick up the special event called “Lessons of the Wild”. This arena fight requires you to fight 8 flying Barons which isn’t too hard. This will reward you with a watcher lense. To get the full Watcher body armor and the watcher grinder, you need 3 of these watcher lenses. Which means that you need to complete the event 3 times.

After that you can dress up your Palico in your brand new Horizon Zero Dawn outfit.

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