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How to find LEGIANA Monster | Monster Hunter: World (Coral Highlands Monster Location)

The Legiana Monster in Monster Hunter: World is a hunting quest during your visits to the Coral Highlands. The quest is called “Embodiment of Elegance” and requires you tu hunt the Flying Legiana Monster.

Before you can hunt the Legiana, you have to find him first, which is not the easiest task. The Coral Highlands is probably the most difficult land to navigate in Monster Hunter: World. It’s filled with platforms and vertical gameplay you can get lost.


Work your way up north until you come to the wide open space in Zone 8. Straight ahead (North) is a big wall you can climb. This is the spot where you can expect to start seeing footprints and signs of Legiana.

If you can’t spot him here, follow the way and climb up towards Zone 13. Sooner or later Legiana should welcome you with a loud shout.

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