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Fast way to get ARMOR SPHERES | Monster Hunter: World (Upgrading Armor with Spheres)

Armor Spheres in Monster Hunter: World are increasingly important near the end of the game. Armor Sphere let you upgrade your body armor parts and you will need a lot of them if you want to max out your complete set.

But if you stock up on Spheres early on you can build yourself a nice little backup stash for the time you want to upgrade your favorite armor set.

Luckily Armor Sphere are very easy to come by but can be easily overlooked due to the overwhelming nature of the game.


Go to the Resource Center in Astera and register bounties. These range from collecting plants to slaying monsters. The easiest way by far is to collect items like flora, honey, mushrooms, bonepiles or mining ore. All these items can easily be tracked on the world map and completed while you are doing quests.

To complete them, return to the Resource Center in Astera and turn them in for 1 armor sphere each. If you make it a habit to pick up bounties before activities and turning them in after, you can get 4+ spheres after every 1-2 quest.

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