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Fast & Easy MONEY Farming on the Side | Monster Hunter: World

Here is one of the easiest and fastest ways to farm money/zenny on the side in Monster Hunter: World. To start the zenny farming, you need to progress a bit in the story until you unlock the 3-Star optinal quest “Prickly Predicement”. Talk to the Chief Botanist in the Botanical Research section, he will give you the quest.

Complete it by collecting 20 Cactuses and return to him to unlock the ability to cultivate and grow might seeds. The might seeds are extremely valuable and can be sold for 140 zenny. Your goal is now to simply place a might seed in the cultivation slot and let it multiply while you are out doing quests.

After you return from quests you can grab the might seeds and sell them at the shop. To speed the zenny/money farming up you can unlock a second cultivating slot, which lets you grow twice as much.

This can unlock this second slot by completing the 4-Star optional quest “Persistent Pests”.

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