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How to CAPTURE Big Monsters | Monster Hunter World

Monsters can be captured with traps for special rewards in Monster Hunter: World. There are a few rules you have to be aware of before you can capture your first big monsters.

The first thing you need are the tools to trap, which are a Pitfall Trap or a Shock Trap and a way to tranquilize the monster. This can be done with tranq bombs or tranq ammunition.



Here are some of the crafting ingrediants:

Trap Tool (Can be bought at the provisions vendor for 200z)

Net + Trap Tool (A net has to be crafted as well with Ivy + Spider Web)

Thunderbug + Trap Tool

Sleep Herb + Parashroom

If you go on a CAPTURE INVESTIGATION, both the Trap and the a Tranq option will be in the starting box.

Capturing the Monster:

Wen you are trying to capture/trap a monster, engage in the fight as usual and try to deal as much damage as possible. Your main goal is to weaken it, throw down a trap and tranquilize it. Sounds easy enough, but since Monster Hunter: World doesn’t have health bars you need to pay close attention to the fight and look for
signs of weakness on the monster.

For example, if you see it starting to limp you can immediatly throw down a shock or pitfall trap next to it. It’s also possible to capture it while it is stunned lying on the floor.

You can also capture it while it is retreating back to its nest. Run past the monster and throw down a trap in the set path to the nest to capture it.

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