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How to Play All 14 Weapon Types | Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World has a total of 14 weapons you can choose from and unlike previous Monster Hunter games you can change between them during misison.

Every weapon type acts as its own class and plays very much different. This will open up a large variety of play styles and monster hunting approaches. 

Check out every weapon type below introduced by gaijin hunter

1:45 Greatsword
3:00 Longsword
4:05 Sword & Shield
5:30 Dual Blades
6:39 Hammer
8:00 Hunting Horn
9:26 Gunlance
10:46 Lance
11:58 Switch Axe (Morph Axe)
12:54 Charge Blade
14:17 Insect Glaive
15:41 Bow
17:13 Light Bowgun
18:46 Heavy Bowgun