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Destiny 2 | Fast Way to FARM HIVE WIZARDS for “Dawning’s Gift Schematic: Cayde”

Fast way of farming  HIVE WIZARD locations during the “Dawning’s Gift Schematic: Cayde” challenges in Destiny 2.

There are two great spots to farm for Hive Wizards in the Destiny 2 Dawning Event. Both farming spots have respawning wizards, where you take them out, leave the area and come back to a brand new Hive Wizard.

Farming spot number one is directly next to the Landing Zone Siren’s Watch on Titan. Drop down to your right and enter a room usually filled with enemies including one Wizard. After taking it out, fast travel back to the LZ you just came from and re-enter the room. If there is no Wizard fast travel again.

The second location is at Solarium and is more reliable when it comes to wizard spawns. Take out the first one and run to the next named area called Arboretum. Turn back and the Hive Wizard should have respawned.

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