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How to Pack-A-Punch in “The Final Reich” | Call of Duty WW2 Zombies

How to Pack-A-Punch in “The Final Reich” | Call of Duty WW2 Zombies

Call of Duty WW2 – How to unlock PACK-A-PUNCH room (The Final Reich Zombies)

STEP 1: Open the first gate and turn the 3 valves in the main area in front of the bunker. You can follow the cable to easily find the 3 locations. After activating the valves you can turn on the pilot light.

STEP 2: Turn on the power and enter the Bunker. The power generator can be found inside the hole that blew open in front of the bunker.

STEP 3: Activate both power boxes quickly after another. Once you’re inside, you have to find both switches, one is behind the left gate and one behind the right gate in the main room.

STEP 4: Enter the Pack-A-Punch room and activate button 1. The PaP room can be accessed through the salt mine or the tunnel next to the water outside.

STEP 5: Use all 3 disposal tubes to reach the buttons that open the cage. Inside the Pack-A-Punch room are 3 more buttons that are gated away and you have to find 3 tubes to slide down. The first one can be found if you open 2 gates in the very first starting area. Tube 2 is inside the room you found the first power box. The last one is inside the first big bunker room.

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