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Destiny 2 | WEEK 5 Treasure Map Locations on EDZ | WEEK 5 “Oct. 3 – Oct. 10”

Destiny 2 | WEEK 5 Treasure Map Locations on EDZ | WEEK 5 “Oct. 3 – Oct. 10”

Treasure Map Locations continue in Week 5 – Destiny 2. One of the new EDZ treasure maps in week 5 was already looted in the first week but all other treasure locations are new.

1 (00:20)
“This place is full of old containers. Don’t bother raiding them all – I already did. They’re all filled with shoes. Mountains of Golden Age footwear, and not a thing in my size” –Cayde-6

2 (01:04)
“So once you get up there, don’t be afraid to strut it on the catwalk. We both know the importance of looking good.” –Cayde-6

3 (02:02)
“You know, I used to think if it’s marked a dead zone, it’s my kind of place. Vanguard cured me of that, but I left plenty behind there back in the day. Third-floor balcony, above the alley. Loved that spot… Hope the Fallen haven’t got to it.” –Cayde-6

4 (02:37)
“So after a full day of pulling loot out of the Fallen’s hands, I thought I would just cool my engines down by that old river, but as soon as i cached it all up down there, a Servitor shows up.” –Cayde-6

5 (03:12)
“New lead from Hawthorne. Not really much to go on, something about a fan. I know I must have a lot of them, so if you see one down in the EDZ, maybe ask them?” –Cayde-6

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