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All Treasure Maps WEEK 9 EDZ in Destiny 2 (Oct. 31 – Nov. 7)

Destiny 2 TREASURE MAPS EDZ Locations | Week 9 | October 31 – November 7

Here are all new Treasure map locations on Io for week 9.


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1 (00:20)
“Ok, all i can give you to gon on in this one is… it’s high up. So… look up, i guess? Don’t look at me like that, I’m doing my best.” –Cayde-6

2 (01:02)
“You do much driving? Me neither. But i used to spend nights hiding out near this truck just teetering on a ledge, just waiting for the day some dumb Dreg would send it over the ledge. That day never came.” –Cayde-6

3 (01:57)
“I tell you that. You get to work cleaning out the angry spider-pirates and space rhinos, and I give you the deed to this little cabin I won from Ren. With a little work, could become a nice little geaway.” –Cayde-6

4 (02:33)
“Good news: I remember exactly where one of my old EDZ caches is. Bad news: those parts are Taken territory now. So I guess the question is: how bad d’you want it?” –Cayde-6

5 (03:22)
“Stashed plenty of loot up at the old mill in the EDZ. To scare the Dregs off, I’d throw on some old Festival of the Lost masks and make ’em think the place was haunted.” –Cayde-6

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