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All Treasure Maps WEEK 8 IO in Destiny 2 (Week 8 Treasure – Oct. 24 – Oct. 31)

All Treasure Maps WEEK 8 IO in Destiny 2 (Week 8 Treasure – Oct. 24 – Oct. 31)

Here are all new Treasure map locations on Io for week 8.


1 (00:19)
“Asher called me to rant about a Taken Blight destroying a research wing of the Cabal base, and i’m like, why are you telling me? We’re not friends; and then he mentions seeing one of my caches in the debris. Survived a Taken Blight. Not a bad design, if I do say so myself.” –Cayde-6

2 (01:02)
“Have you ever had a dream you’re in this cave full of mist and you see this amazing cache, but every time you reach to open it, a new layer of mists blocks your path? No? Am I the only one who has this dream?” –Cayde-6

3 (01:38)
“The lead I got from Aher was some Psion was seen making off with this one somewhere about it being on top of some Cabal checkpoint, before it – well – fell into a pit of Taken. and we all know how that turns out.” –Cayde-6

4 (02:08)
“Do me a favor and just look into that Pyramidion thing, would you? If the Vex are studying the best of humanity, you know they’ve got stuff on me in there.” –Cayde-6

5 (02:49)
“Funny thing, I know I’ve been to Io, but all the details are pretty hazy. Guess I’m getting old. I have this memory of a battle on a bridge. Vex everywhere. After crossing a bridge, we took cover to the right, and then, well, it gets fuzzy from there. Maybe worth checking out?” –Cayde-6


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