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Destiny 2 – All Sentry Ranks (x4) SCOUTING COMMANDER

Destiny 2 – Becoming SCOUTING COMMANDER in Farm – All Sentry Ranks (x4)

Vertigo and Wheel Boost Farm Easter Eggs in Destiny 2 that are required to become a Scouting Commander and jump higher permanently while you are in the Hub.

To get the Vertigo Buff, you have to jump on the cables are above you when you spawn into the farm. Climb the building to your left to get up there. After standing on the wires for a few seconds you unlock “Sentry Rank x2” and the Vertigo Buff.

The “Wheel Boost” Buff is unlocked at the water mill wheel. Use the tent next to the mill building and jump on the roof. Now you have to run on the wheel for a few seconds and you unlock “Sentry Rank x4” and the “Wheel Boost”.

With Sentry Rank 4 you can activate the fire near the the water which unlocks a time trial game that leads you through the whole farm. With your 2 boost and the fire boost you can access all roofs easily with 1-2 jumps.

After completing the time trial you get the “Scouting Commander” Buff that lets you jump extremely high permanently as long as you are in the Farm.

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