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How to get BRIGHT DUST / ENGRAMS in Destiny 2

How to get BRIGHT DUST in Destiny 2 (Exotic Ornaments, Ships, Shaders Currency – Bright Dust)

Bright Dust is required to buy items from the Eververse. Those include Legendary Emotes and Exotic Ornaments which require a lot of Bright Dust.

Your best way to get this currency is to play high level content in the game. What you are looking for are Bright engrams that contain items from the Eververse.

Bright Engrams can drop randomly but have a higher chance of dropping when you play high lvl activities like heroic public events, nightfalls or chests, but in general these can be found sooner or later if you keep playing.

Bring these Bright Engrams back to Tess Everis at the Eververse and collect your loot by opening your Bright Engrams.

Most items you get from these Engrams give you Bright Dust if you dismantle them like ships, sparrows or legendary shaders.

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