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Bank Job 100% STEALTH (Chapter 3) Dishonored Death of the Outsider (All Safes in Main Vault)

Dishonored Death of the Outsider – This walkthrough also unlocks you the “Quiet as a Mouse” Contract and the “Obsessive Safe-cracker” Achievement /Trophy.

Before you start the actual bank job mission, visit the black market and by 2 rewire tools and the “Poppy Tincture” sleep potion. You will need these. Enter the bank through the roof and put the Poppy Tincture into the vent just next to the roof entrance of the bank.

Inside the bank, make sure you are very careful and crouch most of the time. Follow the mission marker to the atrium and watch out for the patrol robots. Deactivate the electric wall in the vault room and go upstairs to the Director’s Office.

Press the secret button behind the desk and grab the vault key. Before going to Security & Admin, go down to the archives first and pick up the codes from Security Chief Pena. This will give you access to the vault control room on the second floor. After waking up the guard and using your code, use the rewire tool to disable the first alarm and disable the electirc trap by using foresight and displace via the vent on the floor. Disable the second alarm and enter the control room.

VAULT CONTROL ROOM (Gaining access to the Vault) (07:38)
Send the Vault downstairs to the archive and wait for the security speaker to send people down. Now send the vault back up to the directors office and go back upstairs to loot the bank vault.

The fourth vault locker from the left is you mission target, while the rest of the lockers have bonus loot.

You can access the safes with the following codes (from left to right). 011, 235, 813, 455, 891

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