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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Chapter 2 ALL Collectibles (All Treasures, Photos,…)

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Chapter 2 Collectibles (All Treasures, Photos,…)

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has many different collectibles. You can find Treasures, Photos, Lock Boxes, Optional Conversations and Hoysala Tokens.

The collectibles in Uncharted The Lost Legacy can be tracked in the Pause menu , or in chapter select where you can find missing collectibles.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (Collectibles in Youtube Playlist)

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1 Photo 1 00:05
2 Treasure 1 (Bullet Whistle) 00:32
3 Treasure 2 (Military Service Lighter) 01:05
4 Treasure 3 (Utility Spork) 01:21
5 Treasure 4 (Travelling Inkwell) 01:46
6 Treasure 5 (Tactical Compass) 02:05

 COLLECTIBLE TROPHIES in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

– Casual Treasure Hunter [Bronze]
Find 5 treasures
– Hardcore Treasure Hunter [Bronze]
Find 35 treasures
– Collector of Antiquities [Silver]
Find all the treasures
– Token For Granted [Bronze]
Find a Hoysala token
– Yas Queen [Silver]
Find all the Hoysala tokens and obtain the Queen’s Ruby
– Five Finger Discount [Bronze]
Open 5 lockboxes
– Picks or It Didn’t Happen [Bronze]
Open every lockbox
– #nofilter [Bronze]
Take a photo at 5 photo opportunities
– Pics or It Didn’t Happen [Silver]
Take a photo at all the photo opportunities
– Getting to Know You [Silver]
Listen to all optional conversations

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