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The Long Dark Wintermute – All FOREST TALKER Cache Locations (Rifle Cleaning Kit Location)

The Long Dark Wintermute – Something Could Save Your Life “Rifle Quest”

The Main Quest will lead you to the Hunting Lodge where you can pick up a Forest Talker Note that reveals all 3 Forest Taker Cache Locations on the map. It is still a big challenge to find the caches because you have to rely on landmarks and general directions to find locations.

  • Sounds Like Some Kind of Indie Band (Trophy / Achievement)
    Find All Forest Talker caches.

I did my best to include known locations and broad routes through the map to make it easier for you to get a general idea where to go to.


Starting from the Maintenace Yard, exit through the broken fence on the west and continue on for a few steps. Just before you the frozen river you can find the Forest Talker Cache on the right next to some rocks.


  • Wood Matches
  • Accelerant
  • Firelog x2
  • Stale Beef Jerky

Starting from Old Spence Family Homestead south-west on the map. Make your way straight east passing through the Bunkhouses. Continue on east until you see a small hill to your right. Watch out for a wolf in this area. Follow the hill and look for the Forest Talker Cache next to the rock formation on the left.


  • Ragged Light Shell
  • Decent Long Wool Scarf
  • Accelerant
  • Firestriker

3 MYSTERY LAKE (04:10)
Starting from the Camp Office just next to the train tracks, make your way to the lookout. There are different ways to get to this Forest Talker cache and i chose a pretty long one but it includes the Lookout which is just next to the cache.

Make your way up the Lookout and jump off the at the spot in the video and turn right to climb a small steep and grab your last Forest Talker Cache.


  • Rifle Cleaning Kit
  • Military-Grade MRE
  • Worn Ski Gloves

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