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The Long Dark Wintermute – All Bank Deposit Box KEYS (Too Big to Fail Trophy / Achievement Guide)

The Long Dark Wintermute – All Bank Deposit Box KEYS (Too Big to Fail Trophy / Achievement Guide)

The Milton Deposit Box keys give you access to one of the best loot in the singleplayer of The Long Dark Wintermute. 3 of the 4 keys can be found without story progression from Grey Mother while the last key needs to be done after main quests.

Here are all deposit box key locations for the Too Big to Fail Trophy / Achievement.

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1 MILTON HOUSE (00:03) KEY #7
Starting from Grey Mother’s house, follow the road towards the gas station and enter the last house you can enter on the right. Key #7 is under the bed in a plastic container.

2 NEAR GAS STATION (00:44) KEY #20
After leaving Milton you can see a gas station. Pass it and turn right before the rocks. Lock out for a blue truck nearby and grab key #20 from the driver seat floor.

3 FARM HOUSE (01:30) KEY #15
REQUIRES Grey Mother Quest

Before you can pick this key up, you need to complete quests for Grey Mother until she points you to a farmhouse. Get the key for the farm from the truck just outside and check the vase inside the house. It’s located above the fireplace in the bedroom.

This key can be found in the open wild on the south edge of the map. If you start from the farm house, head towards the frozen river and just before the waterfall turn left abandoning the frozen river to find key #13 on a frozen body. Check the sky for crows circling the body.

Enter the bank just across from Grey Mother’s house and check the office desk for the bank managers key.

This will get you into the bank managers house with the bank vault code. The house of the manager is to the left just before you leave Milton heading towards the gas station. Inside the house, search the drawer right to the bed.

Now that you have the code to the vault get back to the bank and open up the deposit box room.

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