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How to upgrade Wonder Weapon MAD in ATTACK OF THE RADIOACTIVE THING

How to upgrade Wonder Weapon M.A.D in ATTACK OF THE RADIOACTIVE THING (IW Zombies DLC 3)

MAD Proto (Achievement / Trophy) – The new wonder weapon M.A.D in the new Zombies DLC “The Attack of the Radioactive Thing” can be upgraded to do massive damage. Here’s a quick guide on how to find all easter egg parts for the new wonder weapon MAD.

The Wonder Weapon MAD can only be found at random at the magic wheel. Like in all Call of Duty zombie maps this is random and you might have to spend quite a lot to get the M.A.D.

Once you got it, pick up the crowbar that is in the apartment complex with the pool. This will allow you to open the 3 boxes containing the upgrade parts for the wonder weapon. After collecting these you can do massive damage to zombies by charging the weapon with (LT/Xbox) / (L2/PS 4).

The MAD weapon can also be reloaded at the green bubbles that are spread across the map.

YOUTUBE PLAYLIST for IW Zombies (Attack of the Radioactive Thing)


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