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Destiny 2 – Srange INFINITE AMMO Glitch for the Exotic RISKRUNNER

Destiny 2 – Srange INFINITE AMMO Glitch for the Exotic RISKRUNNER.

This is a weird ammo glitch in the Destiny 2 Beta that can be done with the Exotic Weapon RISKRUNNER for the Warlock.

In the Destiny 2 Beta this can be done on Nessus during the “Inverted Spire” Strike. You have to run the Dawnblade subclass and activate Healing Rift.

When you go into the white seas of Nessus you will take damage. Use your Healing Rift power while you’re in there and your exotic weapon RISKRUNNER will get infinite ammo for the time you stand inside Rift power.

This is a beta after all and this is one of many examples how abilities and weapons glitch and bug in some situations. There is no real use or advantage of this RISKRUNNER glitch while you’re doing the Inverted Spire strike, but it is definitely fun to see how and where things need to be patched at this stage of the game.

We will have to see which ones will make it into the actual Destiny 2 release September 6th.

Destiny 2 Beta Gameplay


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