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Prey – NULLWAVE Fabrication Plan (How to defeat Nightmares)

Prey – NULLWAVE Transmitter Fabrication Plan (How to defeat Nightmares)

Here’s your essential weapon to defeat Nightmares in Prey. The Nullwave Transmitter disables nightmares and prevents them from launching it’s heavy attacks.

Nullwaver Transmitter Fabrication License in LIFE SUPPORT

When you enter Life Support through the Cargo Bay, go straight ahead into the Atmosphere Control Room. Make your way to the back right corner and look for a maintenance shaft. Use your GLOO Cannon to get into the Oxygen Flow Control Room. Look at the Note to get the Storage Room Code.

Return to the room you started and use the Grav Shaft past the electric floor. A Nightmare is probably already waiting for you downstairs.

The Storage Room is just right from the Grav Shaft. Inside is the Nullwave Transmitter Fabrication Plan in a closet.



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