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Prey “Gathering Echoes” Walkthrough (100% Voice Samples)

Prey “Gathering Echoes” Walkthrough (100% Voice Samples)

How to get 100% voice echoes in Gathering Echoes.

1 RECREATION CENTER 00:24 (1 Echoe worth 20%)
Your first stop for an echo is the Recreation Center. Make it to the second floor and check the big desk. The Audio Recording “Fatal Fortress 3” gives you 20% echoes. Also pick up the keycard on the table. It opens up Abigail Foy’s Cabin, which you use later.

2 DANIELLE SHO’S CABIN 02:35 (2 Echoes worth 20%)
Her Cabin is located in “Crew Cabins B”. Check her workstation and play the conversation archive to get more echoes. A broken TranScribe can be found next to her bed. You can fix it with Repair LVL 1.

3 ABIGAIL FOY’S CABIN 03:40 (1 Echoe worth 10%)
Directly across from Danielle Sho’s cabin is A. Foy’s room. You can access it with the keycard from the Recreation Center. Check her workstation with the password under the desk and listen to “Get Out”.

4 CREW HABITATION PODS 04:38 (1 Echoe worth 10%)
Exit A. Foy’s cabin and turn left to visit the “Crew Habitation Pods”. The second row on the right. Listen to the TransCribe on the bed called “I Can Read Sheet Music” for another 10% for Gathering Echoes.

5 THEATER 05:06 (1 Echoe worth 10%)
Leave “Crew Cabins B” now and make your way to the Theater on the second floor. The second movie room has another Transcribe for Gathering Echoes called “Password Safety GLOO Cannon”. It’s hidden under a seat in the middle of row two.

6 YELLOW TULIP 06:13 (1 Echo worth 30%)
The last Echo you need to finish Gathering Echos is in the “Yellow Tulip” across from the Theater. Turn the power on by opening the maintenance lock in the back right corner. With the power on, you can access the sound worksation across from the maintenance exit. Listen to Danielle and Skye’s musical demonstration which is the last echoe you need.

The sound will attract a few enemies, so be careful and hide under the table or use turrets to defend yourself.



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