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Prey – All TREASURE Map Locations (Treasure Hunt Side Quest)

Prey – All TREASURE Map Locations (Treasure Hunt Side Quest)

The “Treasure Hunt” side quest in Prey start by checking the mails in Danielle Sho’s Workstation in the Crew Quarters.

To get started look for the 4 clues that are hand drawn area maps that should lead you to a number. After finding all 4 numbers you can complete the treasure hunt back at the Crew Quarters.

IMPORTANT: You have to do the whole treasure hunt. Typing in the solution right away will get you a penalty reward.

1 (Elias Black / Stabfellow)
Treasure Map 00:42
Solution 01:12

2 (Emma Beatty / Rosaly)
Treasure Map 01:29
Solution 02:14

3 (Zachary West / Hordinbaffle)
Treasure Map 02:47
Solution 03:20

4 (Danielle Sho / Melindra)
Treasure Map 04:02
Solution 04:50



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